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High Wycombe Guttering & Gutter Repairs

Guttering Repairs, UPVC soffits and UPVC fascias by Stay Dry Roofing High Wycombe Ltd

UPVC soffits, fascias and guttering are important additions to your roof and each have a role to play alongside your roof in protecting your home or property from the elements. UPVC is an ideal low-maintenance replacement for wooden soffits or fascias and metal gutters and downpipes as it doesn’t rot or rust.

The most common gutter repairs are where you may need to replace a broken gutter join or a length of your guttering that has failed. We provide this service along with replacing UPVC or wooden soffits and fascias to match the style or character of your home.   We can provide Gutter Cleaning if necessary, and in some instances gutter cleaning is required before the true condition of your  installation can be assessed.

When Roof Cleaning is required

If your guttering is being constantly blocked by moss and debris from your roof, we will advise you to use our roof cleaning services to eliminate the problem. This will ensure that your new guttering can perform to its optimum best

High Wycombe Gutters and Guttering

Stay Dry Roofing High Wycombe Ltd never cuts corners – all our work is carried out to the very highest standards.

For example, we:

  • strip off old fascia boards and replace with new
  • add drip felt to prevent water running between gutter and fascia
  • fit deep flow gutters if your roof is prone to significant water splash
  • polish your new UPVC fittings
  • We can also supply and fit gutter guards, vented or non-vented soffits and square or round guttering in a variety of styles and colours.

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