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Flat Roofing High Wycombe
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Reliable, quality roofing and roofing repairs services from Stay Dry Roofing High Wycombe Ltd, local Roofing Contractors.

Flat roofs are used successfully in a wide variety of settings, from garages and house extensions through to commercial buildings and contemporary homes.

The biggest issue with the traditional felt covering, however, is the shorter lifespan leading to leaking roofs. With extreme changes in temperature throughout the year, the felt joins expand and contract and eventually come apart, letting water in. Because water does not drain away from flat roofs, puddles can form making the situation worse.

Flat Roof Specialists

Stay Dry Roofing are Flat Roofing High Wycombe experts and offer a wide range of flat roofing solutions including fibreglass (GRP) coverings. Fibreglass is used on the hulls of boats, so it’s totally waterproof and, with no joins, your flat covering will have a far longer lifespan than when using traditional roofing felt materials.

Flat Roof Repairs

We also offer rubber and traditional felt roofing which has improved over the years and remains a competitive flat roofing option.

Our customers can be sure that, whether we are laying a new flat roof or repairing an existing one, the outcome will be sustainable and long-lasting. Stay Dry achieves this by working to a high standard which includes:

  • Not leaving any damaged boards in place, but replacing them with premium OSB (Oriented Strand Board)
  • Appropriate use of insulation where required
  • Proper application of heat for sound waterproofing
  • Stripping off all old material (we don’t go over old felt)
  • Providing a guarantee.

For felt roofing coverings, customers can choose from black, red, green, charcoal and grey for the final finish.

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